FAP - DFP removal

Why and when to remove the FAP - DFP particulate filter

The removal of the particulate filter is a software modification aimed at eliminating the management of the particulate filter from the original control unit of the car.
With this modification it will be possible to eliminate the DPF (replacing it with a replacement pipe or working it properly) and consequently eliminate all the well-known problems that it usually causes: malfunction warning lights, excessive engine oil wear, disproportionate consumption, discomfort due to regenerations , high maintenance costs and so on.

Rimozione DFP FAP

DFP FAP removal

For the modification it is sufficient to send to the technical assistance the engine control unit or make an appointment with your own vehicle. The change is made with the utmost respect for the integrity of the hardware and the maximum security for the software: the customer in fact has the right to request a backup copy of the control unit, to be kept for any need.

It is possible to make changes to control units:
Bosch EDC15, Bosch EDC16, Bosch EDC17, Marelli MJD6F3 Marelli MJD 8F3, Siemens SID, Denso.

Simply contact support for specific information regarding the car in question.