EGR elimination

Does the car have trouble starting?

Is the car showing signs of decline for a moment?
Does the engine seem a little unstable during the journey?
When you accelerate decisively, isn't it as reactive as before?
In 90% of cases the guilty and the EGR valve (Exhaust gas recirculation valve).

How the EGR valve works:



The exhaust gas recycling (EGR) valve deals with the reintroduction of flue gases into the combustion chamber.
Working continuously with the exhaust gases, the EGR valve is very prone to contamination due to the numerous impurities present in them, and therefore tends to create problems due to the incrustations that block it and prevent it from working properly.

This creates numerous problems with the car's performance, such as delivery faults, warning lights and excessive exhaust fumes. It is possible to temporarily remedy the problem simply by cleaning the EGR body and removing all the deposits that block it. However, this solution is not definitive, and we will soon find ourselves at the starting point.

What to do?

To definitively eliminate the problem, it is necessary to eliminate the management of the EGR via software, so that it remains always closed and that its operation is no longer controlled by the control unit.

The modification can also be combined with other software modifications, it is sufficient to request this service when ordering