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Questions and answers on the Tuning of Motorcycles, Cars, Trucks, Boats.

What is tuning?

The term tuning in the automotive sector refers to the processing / modification of cars, both in terms of engines and aesthetics. For some years this phenomenon has also exploded in Abruzzo, a land notoriously hungry for engines, although with many difficulties on the part of enthusiasts in search of qualified trainers. For this reason, Powerise offers its training and experience, gained in the field, to all enthusiasts so that they can give vent to their passion by personalizing their vehicle with maximum reliability.

Why remap?

The manufacturers of cars, motorcycles, campers and trucks, to pursue their commercial policies do not have as their goal the achievement of maximum performance and consequently do not optimize their engines leaving a good margin of intervention (around 30% on modern turbodiesels, 20% on petrol turbos, 5-10% on vacuum cleaners). Furthermore, the mass production of the engines has considerable margins of tolerance due to the fact that the same fuels are not used in all countries, some users do not make regular coupons, the climatic conditions are different from area to area. It is therefore clear that there will not be two identical engines. In this situation, therefore, the control units are equipped with a "generic map" that must be able to adapt and fill the gaps in mass production. With the remapping instead you go to change the map performing all those improvements that allow you to exploit the potential of the engine, the reprogramming is made to measure for that type of engine, like when you go to the tailor to have a suit that fits us perfectly.

How is the control unit processing carried out?

The modification or elaboration of a control unit consists in the so-called "remapping of the control unit" which allows to re-calibrate the delivery of the engine to specific customer needs and driving styles, also allowing a lower fuel consumption. During the processing phase of the control unit, the data contained in the original management software are extrapolated and are subsequently modified in relation to engine load, number of revolutions, vehicle speed etc ... thus optimizing torque, power and consequently acceleration and vehicle performance. In this way it will be possible to obtain the elimination of any gaps that may occur in the original configuration during the recovery phase, also optimizing fuel consumption.

What is traditional remapping?

The remapping of the control unit can be carried out in the traditional way, which foresees the opening of the control unit and the relative detachment of the eprom. In this way there will be a tangible sign of tampering that is absent in the serial remapping. The traditional remodeling is mandatory for all those units that are not equipped with flash eprom and therefore do not allow data to be rewritten.

What is serial remapping?

the serial remapping allows to use the OBD diagnosis socket of the vehicle. In this way it is possible to reprogram the electronic control unit without opening it or tampering with it and consequently leaving no traces that would compromise the car's warranty.

Will consumption after remapping increase?

On turbodiesels in particular it has been shown that an increase in the torque curve is always accompanied by a considerable saving in fuel that can be assessed on cars on average in about 25% (with the same performance). And this improvement will be appreciated already at the first refueling. On Tir, for example, it is carried out to reduce consumption.

Will I have reliability issues remapping?

If the remapping is done in a workmanlike manner, by an experienced trainer, there will be no risk because you remain within the limits of reliability. The only care will be to carry out regular coupons, correct heating and cooling of the engine, things that however should also be done on standard cars.

Can all means be remapped?

You can remap all the vehicles that are equipped with a control unit for engine management such as: cars, motorcycles, trucks, campers, boats.

What are additional modules?

The additional modules or control units are “boxes” that are connected via plug & play sockets to certain connectors located in the engine compartment, tricking the signal sent to the control unit, allowing more diesel to be sent or the turbine to work at higher pressures thus giving more power!
They are used when the control unit is defined inviolable, ie it is not possible to modify the maps contained in it.

How can I get the ecu remapped since I'm from another city?

The remapping of the control unit is a very complex procedure that requires specific hardware and software equipment with very high costs that limit the practice only to highly trained users on the subject. We give the possibility to perform the remapping online of its own ECU. Just send the original file or the ECU and you will receive the requested change in a short time.